Are you a Legal Professional based in the UK?

  • Do you struggle to balance  your personal life with your work commitments?

  • Is your career putting pressure on your personal life and making you unhappy?

  • Do you struggle to effectively get the balance right to the point you are feeling stressed, worn out or depressed?

Here at we have the solution for you.  Our coaches are experienced in working in the legal profession and corporate fields, we know from our own experiences, working with other professionals and from client feedback that it is so hard to get the balance right.

So often our personal lives have to take a back seat, as lawyers we often work late to ensure a file is ready for court the next day, to ensure that it is in top notch order so that it can easily be picked up and understood by colleagues, lawyers are under ever increasing performance reviews and procedures.  The stakes are high.

With such great pressures on the work front it is so much harder for lawyers to relax and enjoy their personal lives; relationships, marriages and family life can suffer as a result.  As can our ability to do the things that we enjoy - our hobbies and interests.

This is where personalcoachingforlawyers can help you out.  We offer a Professional Personal Coaching service to Professional People in the UK and have experience in coaching a number of Professional clients including Lawyers, Teachers, NHS, Civil Servants, Police, telecoms, Consultants, HR, Trainers and Business Owners.

Personal Coaching for Lawyers

We provide Personal Coaching services to Lawyers and other professionals to help you in the following areas; Confidence, work life balance, stressmanagement, communications kills, managing change, keeping motivated, time managerment, relationships and parenting.  If yo are interested in working with a coach to set goals and achieve personal success please don't hesitate to contact us for a free initial consultation.

Personal coaching can help you make dramatic life changes and help you deal with challenges that you are facing. 

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